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Nowadays, cultic packages labeled with "Winston" can be found all over the world, as Winston is the second tobacco brand according to the volume of product sales. But why is this brand so popular? Is the business in gorgeous tobacco? Or in the advanced technologies? Or in the affordable price rate and reasonable marketing strategy? All these factors contributed to the great success of Winston cigarettes.


Winston cigarettes have very mild flavor, despite its fortress. All this is due to the fact that manufacturers reached the balance of soft and pleasant smoking process. RJR which is the creator of Winston cigarettes got its popularity due to its production technologies. Winston is mainly popular due to its filtering system. The majority of the cigarette tobacco brands offer dry foam filter, but "W" is with paper filter for better filtration.


"W" is produced according to strict control. The cigarettes have the highest quality. Winston cigarettes are made from Virginia tobacco sort. Tobacco is carefully selected before its usage in the cigarettes. Soft smoking process, pleasant sensations and unique filter will please any smoker and connoisseur of genuine cigarettes. "W" is different from other brands for its exquisite flavor and pleasant aftertaste.


Nowadays, Winston cigarettes are presented in 7 different variations: Winston Red, Winston Red Soft Pack, Winston Blue Super Slims, Winston Balanced Blue, Winston Menthol Super Slims, Winston XS Silver, Winston XS Blue.

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