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What is Lucky Strike Cigarettes?

For a long time Tobacco was an integral part of the USA history. Lucky Strike is famous cigarette brand with rich and long history. Lucky Strike cigarettes are made of tobacco of the highest quality, in compliance with the international quality standards. Earlier the brand used slogan: "It's Toasted", that informs the consumers about the method of tobacco "toasting" instead of drying: it was thought that this process enhances the taste of tobacco.

Lovers of bold, natural and at the same time soft flavor will make the right choice, deciding to try Lucky Strike cigarettes. Lucky Strike brand manufacturers understand that people's preferences are different, and that's why they went to great lengths to meet the demands of the consumers.

Due to the unique packaging and the unsurpassed taste, Lucky Strike cigarettes stand out among other brands. Unique and different from other cigarettes taste is obtained by the special method, used in tobacco preparation. Easy filter was modeled as effective as possible, however, it does not hamper the smoking process, and so you can relax and enjoy this unique cigarette. Each puff gives you stable, balanced flavor. Every cigarette of Lucky Strike brand is a real delight for the senses, leaving the tingling taste of tobacco in your mouth.

Despite the complexity of the regulatory laws concerning tobacco policy in the USA Lucky Strike cigarettes still occupy one of the leading positions in sales (are in the top five) and are distributed in 90 countries.

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